Home-made spit roasted cakes, macaroons, pies, thin almond cakes, marvels…

The Pic Bigourdan is well-known for the quality of its pastry elaborated from traditional recipes passed on from generation to generation.

The king of cake which weight varies from 300 g to 8 kgs is appreciated in the family dinners. It has made famous and incontrovertible the family company of Dominique and Françoise Boiton that evolves constantly with the intention of providing exceptional products.

So, king of cakes, pies, madeleines, macaroons, thin almond cakes, are made from the best ingredients (fresh eggs, flour, milk, fruits, rum) in order to provide you the flavour of your grandmother's cakes.

Present on markets, in shops, you can however order by internet.

It is guaranteed 100 % natural, without colouring agent, without additive, without preservative.
The quality guarantees a 2 months expiring date.

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