Spit cakes, blueberry pies and regional specialities

By Françoise and Dominique Boiton


Le Pic Bigourdan

is renowned for the quality of its pastries made from traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation.

“Spit Cakes, Pies, Regional Specialties”

By Françoise and Dominique BOITON

Our products

You can find us on markets, fairs and shows, in our shop in Momères and you can buy our products online :

Craft manufacturing

Homemade spit cake, Pies, Tiles, Wonders…

The spit cake whose weight varies from 300 g to 8 kgs is appreciated in family meals. It has for many years made Dominique and Françoise Boiton’s family business famous and indispensable. It is constantly evolving with the aim of providing exceptional products.

The good taste of yesteryear

Spit cakes, pies, madeleines, tiles, are made with the best ingredients (butter, fresh eggs, flour, milk, fruit, rum) to offer you the flavour of the good cakes of yesteryear.

You can find them on the markets and in the shops, but you can also order them on the internet.


It is guaranteed 100 % natural, without colouring, additives or preservatives.
The quality guarantees a shelf life (DLC) of 2 months.

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