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A regional tradition that works wonders on the tables... And it's not a sin to love it...

In this small village in the Pyrenean foothills, between Tarbes and Bagnères de Bigorre, Françoise and Dominique perpetuate the spit cake recipe passed down by their maternal grandmother.

Its colour and its long spades are the result of a long baking and an excellent mastery of the dough on a cone. It becomes spectacular by combining pleasure and conviviality.

For generations, the spit cake has been a favourite at weddings, communions and christenings. It is eaten plain, with custard or peasant cream or ice cream. And it is not sinful to love it!

Its fame has seduced more than one restaurant owner and more than one exhibition dedicated to gastronomy and it is now exported abroad.

It also specialises in dry pastries such as Merveilles, Tuiles, Tourtes, Sablés, Madeleines, and petits Fours such as Macarons and Financiers…

The Pic Bigourdan was the talk of the town on Jean-Pierre Pernault’s television news.

En vacances jusqu’au 22 janvier inclus, les commandes seront traitées dès notre retour dans l’ordre d’arrivée.